Comprehending the Role of Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion Industry

Author: Nandini Mangla

2nd Year BBA LL.B
BVDU, New Law College, Pune

ABSTRACT: Ever envisioned a public activity without apparel, footwear and embellishments or without brands which fabricate these items. Will you have the option to recognize two products and set out a superficial point of interest? The style has consistently been essential for our life since its beginning and has shown an incredible function in portraying an emblematic societal position. It goes about as a wellspring of enormous business and development of different free areas which incorporates, marking, promoting, showcasing and so forth as this industry centres around inventiveness and the mind of an individual, it has become a ground for the multiplication of benefit and duplication in industry. The gigantic development of the style of business has made architects and design houses understand the significance of the licensed innovation. An industry which prides itself for its development and development. The creator investigates how it has been influenced by ridiculous robbery and is figuring out how to adapt readily. The article investigates a two-dimensional methodology which discusses the development of the style business and the significance of protected innovation in it. The creator attempts to streamline different parts of various protected innovations and how it assumes a significant function in building brand value and adapting the equivalent. With the assistance of genuine models, the creator has attempted to clarify different fiascoes looked by the style business and how licensed innovation has assumed a significant function in the insurance of their unique plans and items from encroachment.


The expression “Design” is an assorted word. The meaning of this term contrasts topographically, socially also exclusively. The style business, likewise called the Apparel industry, isn’t restricted to articles of clothing and attire. An association can fabricate, construct and adapt a particular brand by the method of various important resources that range from unmistakable marking components to print and examples, and restrictive plan staples.

Style configuration is a type of craftsmanship devoted to the making of apparel and another way of life extras. One must have a sharp eye and aesthetic deduction to make such sort of articles of clothing and adornments. A portion of the celebrated models incorporate The Hermès Kelly Bag, Manish Malhotra’s planned marriage wear assortment, The Chanel No 5 aroma or The Patek Philippe Nautilus are results of applied scholarly imagination and aptitude in the Fashion Industry. The sheer significance of Intellectual Property for an industry which produces billions of dollars in a year and prides itself for its advancement and energy is generally low. It is a regularly confused assortment of law as the misbehaviour of “Fake” or “Knock Off” have taken the front seat.

Style configuration is the use of the plan and feels excellence to the things of style. It is a type of craftsmanship committed to the making of unique apparel and another way of life accessories.9 Considered as “rule innovative component” of the style industry, a style configuration is affected by social and social mentalities and has differed over the long run and spot. Current style design is isolated into three essential classes: (1) high fashion, (2) prepared-to-wear and (3) mass market.


1. Chief Fashion houses, for example, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Rolex and so forth

2. Extravagance fragment houses, for example, Gucci, Burberry, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and so forth

3. Moderate extravagance houses, for example, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, Armani trade and so forth

4. Standard brands, for example, Zara, H&M, Mango, Levi’s, FCUK and so forth

5. Indian fashioners which hold global standing, for example, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, Masaba Gupta, Ritu Kumar Rohit Bal, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Wendell Rodricks, Neeta Lulla, Kanika Goyal, Manish Arora and so forth

6. Neighborhood originators and little organizations like Khadi naturals, Bon organics, fabindia, titan and others.

7. Local brands coming from legacy urban communities that depict their way of life like cloaks from Kashmir.

Adding to this the web-based business stage has changed the method of working together in India. With the ascent of expanding shopper abundance and 4G networks, the Indian internet business market is relied upon to develop to US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion out of 2017. Online retail deals in India are relied upon to develop by 31 per cent, driven by Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon India and Paytm Mall. These web-based business stages have made it helpful for their clients to purchase style items with a tick on their fingertips through their versatile application. With patterns changing constantly in this day and age, Fashion sense and status is exhibited by purchasing items from various brands grouped previously. In any case, buying power turns into a limitation for many individuals and that is the place where contrabands and duplicates become an integral factor.

A celebrated plan, print, the frill is effectively duplicated and sold at a sensible rate to the majority which makes an issue for the unique maker. A Lehenga is worn by Anushka Sharma at her wedding, planned by Sabyasachi Mukherjee and starting today, the duplicates of the same are sold in Gaffar Market in Delhi, going from Rs 12,000-1,00,000. Consequently, to secure their imagination and simultaneously bring activity against such fake items insurance must be searched after under the Intellectual Property laws.


The Design Act just secures the enrolled plan. Along these lines, unregistered plans can’t guarantee insurance and advantages under this demonstration. The Design Act 2000 accommodates the insurance of plans which are new and are as highlights of shape, arrangement, example, decoration or organization of lines or tones applied to any article, regardless of whether in two dimensional or three dimensional or in both, by any mechanical cycle and it should be a completed article engaging and is judged exclusively by the eye.

A craftsman is qualified to ensure “unique masterful work” under copyright law when it is communicated in a substantial medium. The term of insurance allowed to copyright holders remains alive during the life of the copyright proprietor and for a very long time from that point.

The Copyright Act and Design Act cover each other on the issue of plan assurance. As per area 15(1) of the Copyright Act, security under the Copyright Act isn’t appropriate to plans which are enrolled under the Design Act. In this manner once, a garments configuration is enrolled under the Designs Act, the Copyright Act won’t matter to it and work will appreciate insurance under the Designs Act.

On the off chance that a plan (which is equipped for being enrolled under the Designs Act) has not been enlisted, it will be secured under segment 15(2) of the Copyright Act; nonetheless, the copyright insurance will terminate on such plan, if the plan has been imitated on more than 50 articles by any mechanical cycle.

In Rajesh Masrani v. Tahiliani Design Private Ltd, the above all else steps in framing the law to decide when a plan is an “imaginative work” and when it is a “plan” in the feeling of Design Act, 2000. In Ritika Private Limited v. Biba Apparels Private Limited, the court made a differentiation between plans qualified for copyright insurance under Copyright Act, 1957 and Design Act, 2000. Rohit Bal in 2017 was the first architect in Quite a while to copyright his whole assortment, which was later on followed by other noticeable planners like Anita Dongre, Anju Modi, Ritu Kumar who likewise copyrighted their whole assortment.


Segment 2(ZB) of the Trademark Act, 1999, characterizes Trademark as an imprint equipped for being spoken to graphically and recognizing the products and enterprises of one individual from another and may incorporate the state of merchandise, their bundling and mix of shadings. A brand name can be any word, name, image, plan or any shading blend thereof, utilized in business to recognize and distinguish products. For Example, the Trademark of “Gucci” alongside the “unmistakable Gucci GG Logo” recognizes the sacks and articles of clothing made by Gucci and recognizes them from packs and pieces of clothing made by different organizations. Brand name assists with keeping up a glory premium for a specific brand and can be very important. Huge Fashion houses esteem their image value. The Trademark law likewise ensures the exchange dress, for example, size, shape, shading, bundling or even deals procedure.

In Louis Vuitton Malletier v. Atul Jaggi[7] and another, the Delhi High Court controlled the respondents for encroaching and passing off their celebrated brand names “LOUIS VUITTON” and “LV” by utilizing indistinguishable checks and conceded harms. Brand name Designers can utilize brand name law to ensure logos and brand names as well as particular highlights of an item. For Example, Burberry holds brand name rights in both the brand name “Burberry” and the “Burberry unmistakable Plaid”.


A patent may quickly not strike your brain when considering style industry as masterful manifestations can’t be licensed and it depends more on the specialized and inventive viewpoint, however, the innovation utilized for creating these plans or production of this aesthetic work can be protected. Patent assurance has been allowed to the innovation used to produce CROCS shoes, sans wrinkle textures, UV sifting materials that are impervious to fire and water-repulsing materials. Essentially, Novozymes, a Danish biotech organization working in chemicals and microorganisms, spearheaded the utilization of compounds in the treatment of textures. The Company created and protected innovation for the treatment of “stone washed” denim pants through these compounds called cellulase to give the texture a well-used look and inside 3 years a large portion of the denim organizations was utilizing the innovation under the permit from Novozymes.

Patent creation awards insurance for a very long time for configuration patent and 20 years for utility patent from the documenting date and after the security closes it falls under open area and anybody can monetarily abuse it without encroaching the patent. Even though patent developments can be amazingly exorbitant and tedious it very well may be utilized to make sure about an advancement which can be utilized in the Fashion industry for an extended period and it won’t get obsolete if the advancement is novel and the cycle can be rehashed each year in the business. In 2016 Louis Vuitton has been conceded 6 Design Patents followed by Bottega Venetta been allowed three and Balenciaga have been conceded two.


Proprietary innovations may go from a rundown of key providers and additionally purchasers, to utilization of programming devices for style plan, to coordinations of the board of the whole worth chain. In some design organizations, centre proprietary advantages serve to secure the PC executed, programming based plans of action, which support a whole business system, in light of secrecy and speed, to gracefully a restricted amount of style items.

The Spanish retail design chain, ZARA, utilizes a restrictive data innovation (IT) framework to abbreviate their creation cycle – for example, the time from recognizing another pattern to conveying the completed item to a simple 30 days. The majority of their rivals take from 4 to a year. The organization gets day by day floods of email from head supervisors flagging new patterns, textures and cuts, from which its planners rapidly get ready new styles. The texture chosen is quickly cut in a computerized office and shipped off workshops. An innovative dissemination framework, with around 200 kilometres of underground follows and more than 400 chutes, guarantees that the completed things are sent and show up in stores inside 48 hours.


Indian Fashion architects have gotten more mindful about their IP and are making strides against the individuals who encroach their plans. They have begun instructing themselves and are cautious with their IP. Planners have begun working various lines of items as indicated by the buying ability to handle the Contrabands like “Always 21” and “Perpetually New” or in Case of Luxury Fashion fashioner Armani working 3 distinct lines like Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani providing food needs of various classes of individuals as per their buying limit. With the rising significance of IP, brands have gotten more open to enrollment. The Fashion Foundation of India (FFI) has assumed a significant part to ensure IP rights against wild duplicating, referring to and motivation. It is significant for forgers just as makers to comprehend the repercussions of duplicating work. One can plan and make the most lovely and inventive plans, yet it takes licensed innovation rights to grow its syndication and keep it from Counterfeiting and literary theft.





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