January 2021

Comprehending The Concept Of Third-Party Funding (TPF)

Author: Bhagyashree Dansana Law Graduate Alliance University, Bangalore 1. WHAT ARE TPF ARRANGEMENTS? Seen basically as being of Anglo-Saxon or Common Law inference, TPF arrangements are being utilized increasingly more all through the world. They are not new. Truth be told, they have been in presence since the mid-1990s. While they were utilized initially more in case procedures, they are progressively basic in both business and speculation mediation. TPF arrangements… Read More »Comprehending The Concept Of Third-Party Funding (TPF)

Police Investigation

Author: Nandini Mangla 2nd Year BBA LL.B BVDU, New Law College, Pune ABSTRACT: The police in one nation is the instrument for implementing the Rule of Law, they are the methods by which socialized society keeps everything under control that individuals may live securely in their homes and go openly about their legitimate business. In this way, police are the law authorization organization whose key obligation is to serve humanity… Read More »Police Investigation

The Gist of Civil Litigation

Author: Bhagyashree Dansana 5th Year BBA LL.B Alliance University Civil litigation, particularly recuperation suits commonly named to be a since quite a while ago drawn fight and viewed as something best maintained a strategic distance from, isn’t so. The overall conviction that by recording a recuperation Suit against a Debtor will continue for quite a long time everywhere, isn’t along these lines, on the off-chance that one knows the genuine… Read More »The Gist of Civil Litigation

Right to Life with Dignity also includes Right to Die with Dignity: Article 21 of Indian Constitution

Author: Vinod Kumawat LL.M 1st Year Manipal University, Jaipur ABSTRACT: Article 21 of the Constitution of India guarantees only the right to life. As per Article 21, “Every person shall be deprived of his or her personal liberty in conformity with the provisions prescribed by law.” Under Article 21, the right to live does not require the right to death. Right to Life is a tight, normal one. Bombay High… Read More »Right to Life with Dignity also includes Right to Die with Dignity: Article 21 of Indian Constitution