Effect of Coronavirus on Environment

Author: Sarthak Saxena BA LLB (Hons.) 4th Year Seedling School of Law & Governance, Jaipur Abstract: This research aims to show the positive and negative effects of coronavirus on the environment particularly on climate and socioeconomic conditions. On one hand it shows the reduction in pollution levels but on the other hand, there are also negative secondary aspects which shows the tremendous impact of coronavirus on society. Introduction Coronavirus disease… Read More »Effect of Coronavirus on Environment

Covid-19 and Economy

Author: Priya Khushlani B.A. LL.B 3rd Year New Law College, Pune Let’s start with the most important question what is coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and from where it originated: Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) is an infectious disease. It has been given a status of an infectious disease that is easily able to infect people and it is transmitted from person to person in a consistent manner. Older people are more vulnerable… Read More »Covid-19 and Economy