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Lexpert Assist is an Online Interactive Platform aimed at enhancing Legal Education and Creating Awareness among Legal Fraternity.
Our aim is to make the legal experience of every scholar/learner/student unique and easy to inspire and teach people to discover, develop & deploy his/her social responsibility.
Our Vision is to unite students across the country from various fields to provide them with different opportunities and platform to express their skills and abilities through articles, blogs, opinions, news, updates and many more to help them become better lawyers. Through One Vision, One Goal, Better Results are delivered with imagination, innovation and originality.


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Lexpert Assist helps the student to unlock knowledge at the speed of thought. We knack for communicating with our audience that leads them to success. As in the world of oyster in terms of opportunities Lexpert Assist inch you forward towards being pearl.


With Lexpert Assist, part of a compulsory or voluntary internship in one of our diverse divisions. We offer several internships that let you improve thoroughly your strengths and put your theoretical knowledge into practice. Allowing you to leverage the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning. We assure you to demonstrate a "can-do" attitude throughout the internship.

Blogs & Articles

Lexpert Assist introduces you to the referent of innovation in the digital age where important skills of writing articles and blogs inspire trust and foster an ethical culture. Where every individual can thrive to achieve their desired result by excelling in the practice. Your words that touch and hear everyone.​


Where posters be a reflection of your words, Lexpert Assist brings to you a creative concept that can generate an impactful message, which further converts into interactions. A poster will help you achieve visual communication, gauge your awareness quotient in a simple and fast manner. Your message will be transmitted via graphic elements which have been put together skillfully.

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The legal profession swears by the maxim, “verba volant, scripta manent” which means spoken words fly away, written words remain!

Comprehending Cross-Cultural Mediation
Author: Tanmaya Sharma LL.M. in Criminal and Security Laws Enrolled at Bar Council of Rajasthan, Jaipur During the past recent years, the evolution of new ways has been seen to solve intermediate disputes between…
Comprehending The Concept Of Third-Party Funding (TPF)
Author: Bhagyashree Dansana Law Graduate Alliance University, Bangalore 1. WHAT ARE TPF ARRANGEMENTS? Seen basically as being of Anglo-Saxon or Common Law inference, TPF arrangements are being utilized increasingly more all through the world.…
Police Investigation
Author: Nandini Mangla 2nd Year BBA LL.B BVDU, New Law College, Pune ABSTRACT: The police in one nation is the instrument for implementing the Rule of Law, they are the methods by which socialized…

Our Founder


A growth mindset means you don’t view mistakes as failures, but instead as learning opportunities. The key is to adapt and evolve over time. Mistakes can expand your knowledge and help you become a more resilient person.

Everyone has an idea – it’s those who are focused and work hard that make those ideas come to life. You can research, plan, and educate yourself, but the only true way to improve is to put yourself out there and learn from what you experience.

Hitanshu Joshi

Founder & Managing Director


Core Committee

Sagrika Joshi

Chief Executive Officer

Sarthak Saxena

Chief Administrative Officer

Ridhima Chandani

Chief Marketing Officer

Nishant Sarraf

Chief Operational Officer

Shivani Vyas

Chief Editorial Officer


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At Lexpert Assist, we regularly update about the recent judgements and developments in the law fields on all our social media handles.


Lexpert Assist organize various competitions to help you test your knowledge and improve it.


At Lexpert Assist not only you’ll experience a professional attitude towards work but also the manner in which it is done.

Team Work

At Lexpert Assist, we promote Team Work, since teams combine the efforts of individuals, they can accomplish more than an individual working alone.


Lexpert Assist is one such great platform for you to stand out and get your content published.


Lexpert Assist is one such platform where you’ll get various opportunities to showcase your skills and talent.


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